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Kalyan is a city in Thane district of Maharashtra,It is around 53 km from Mumbai. With its neighbouring township of Dombivli, Kalyan jointly forms the Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corporation, abbreviated as KDMC. It is considered a part of the Greater Mumbai metropolitan agglomeration, along with Navi Mumbai and the cities of Bhiwandi, Thane, Ulhasnagar and the municipal councils of Ambernath & Badlapur.

Kalyan is a port for more than two millennia until siltation and the rise of Mumbai eclipsed it and its sister ports, Nallasopara, Thane, Vasai, etc. The port was ruled by the Maurya and Gupta Empires of North India and later was part of a petty Konkan principality vassal to the Yadava dynasty of Deogiri. Extensive ruins in Kalyan indicate the city’s former magnificence.

In the later Middle Ages, Kalyan was occupied by the Ahmednagar Sultanate, an indigenous dynasty founded by a man forcibly converted from a Hindu Brahmin family as a child, and then by the Bijapur Sultanate, an Indo-Turkish state in the Deccan in the 1500s, and later by the Mughals under the Emperor Shah Jahan, who fortified the city in the mid-1600s. It came under Portuguese sway for a brief time before being re-conquered by the Muslim allies of the Mughals, and was later conquered by the Marathas, who made it one of their strategic centers because it guarded the entrance to Mumbai and the western coast of India. Kashibai, wife of the Peshwa Bajirao was born in Kalyan. About eighty years after the Maratha conquest, the Maratha Empire was forced to cede it to the British and Kalyan became part of the Bombay Presidency, a British India province that became Bombay state after India’s independence in 1947. In the Middle Ages, when kalyan was occupied by the Ahmednagar Sultanate, they gave name as Gulshanabad and in the time of Maratha it was changed to Kalyan.